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Sergi Mak'alatia's Pshavi

MAK'ALATIA, Sergi, Pshavi, Tbilisi, 1934

I recently (February 2010) photographed every page of Sergi Mak'alatia's amazing Pshavi, and uploaded the resulting digital copy of the book onto this website. The book is available for download here as a collection of JPEG files (2 pages per file), compressed into a 35MB WINRAR folder.

There is a map at the end of the book, which I have also included (as a complete image, and in two parts for better quality).

It took me a very long time to find this book, and although my knowledge of the Georgian language is barely enough to be able to glean some information from it, I thought others might be overjoyed to find it online.

Here are the book's contents and index, followed by some examples of pages:
(Please click on the images or open them in a separate tab to view them full-size.)

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