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The Truso Valley in Khevi (July 2009)

The Feast of the Holy Virgin by the Church of the Holy Trinity in Gergeti, Khevi (28 August 2009)

The fortified village of Mutso near Shatili (June 2010)

The village of Dumatskho seen from the village of Chokhi in Gudamaqari (June 2010)

A view of the winter pastures of Shiraki in eastern Georgia (March 2010)

The castles of Kistani (left) and the Arghun valley leading to Shatili (June 2010)

Looking down the Arghun Valley towards Shatili from the Datvijvari pass (2,600m; June 2010)

A view of the ruined village of Etelta in Tsovata (August 2010)

The pass to Tusheti (2,900m) (July 2010)

Looking west from Tsinarekhi (August 2011)

Above Betania (September 2011)

The steppe north-west of Tbilisi, just below the village of Noste on the old road to Gori (October 2014)

The hills just north of Lake Jandara, on the border with Azerbaijan (May 2015)

The view from Iremtkalo (2,250) down over the mouth of the valley of the Pshavis Aragvi (July 2015)